Mouthpiece recommendations!

Mouthpiece recommendations!

Mouthpiece recommendations!    03:04 on Monday, June 17, 2013

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I am inquiring about an appropriate mouthpiece for me.

Currently, I'm on a Holton MC, which I have been on since I started about two years ago.
I play a Holton H281, which is a semi-large bore with rose brass.

I am looking at Moosewood mouthpieces, as other ones don't seem to be as well received as Mr. Greer.

So, please, could someone recommend me a mouthpiece from there that fits my skill level and horn?


Re: Mouthpiece recommendations!    13:33 on Monday, June 17, 2013

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There are lots and lots of choices out there and they're all correct. I see you have been playing about two years but don't know your actual playing level. The Holton MC is a marvelous mouthpiece and I suggest even when you get your new one you keep the MC around.

Moosewood is fabulous, most of my mouthpieces are Moosewood; but Stork, Patterson, and Laskey are very good also.

To help select a mouthpiece for you we need to know what instrument you are playing which you told us. We need to know your playing level (what is your range high and low, does your tone change at any specific note, what etudes are you playing,which ones are challenging which are easy). What groups will you be playing with; orchestras, bands, bugle corps, jazz etc.

Most important what do you want your new mouthpiece to do for you? What is your Holton MC not doing for you.

Re: Mouthpiece recommendations!    17:32 on Monday, June 17, 2013

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Hi Jon,

The main reason I dislike the MC is because it's a bit small for me, and the feel is uncomfortable.
Also, I feel like the tone is off. Although it has not been a problem my first months playing, once I've listened to more players and become more aware of myself, it seems that many mouthpieces out there can offer me more.

My range is about double pedal G, lower or higher a note depending on how much I've warmed up, and the max I can play in the high range is two octaves above middle C, assuming I've warmed up properly on a good day. I can usually play an A no problem.

For my high range, things tend to get brighter at around a high E/Eb, and in the mid/low range a G.

I started on Kopprasch a few months ago, and I've been trying to perfect the on's I've done (best tone possible, attack, pitch accuracy, transposition, tempo, etc.), so I've only gotten through No. 12. The faster ones have given me more trouble, naturally. I've also been practicing some Clarke. I've done through the second study of that.

I will be playing in my school's concert band, and my school's orchestra if that is set up next school year. Also, I am auditioning for the local youth orchestra.

In addition, I've attended various events such as All-Star band, Solo and Ensemble and mid-State. I made a perfect score in every ctegory in Solo and Ensemble and Silver Band in Mid-State.

To answer your question about what I want my mouthpiece to do for me, it should at the very least:

-better articulation
-better tone generally
-better tone in a wider range
-wider range
-more comfortable/fitting to my lips

I am looking for both a rim and a cup. I was looking at the Moosewood R3 rim and C8 underpart.

Also, what is your logic behind, "You don't know your skill level?"

Thanks for replying!

Re: Mouthpiece recommendations!    21:06 on Monday, June 17, 2013

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my comment on skill level was meant to mean "I" didn't know your skill level. The logic is people excel at different rates. With your specifics it shows attention to getting better and obviously you have practiced to get your range and concept of sound. Others may not be anywhere near where you are after four years of playing.

You might try a Laskey 75G. They are very popular with college players presently.
Moosewood - I think the C8 is a good choice for what you want. Also if you find yourself wanting a larger bore you can always choose to have the bore opened up. Of course you can never go backwards.
The R3 is also a good choice. I think the R3 gives really good articulation response.

Based on your research you've already done and what you want the mouthpiece to do for you I think your Moosewood selection is just fine. I wouldn't make any other suggestions.


Re: Mouthpiece recommendations!    22:38 on Monday, June 17, 2013

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Thank you! Your response is greatly appreciated.


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