Bustback.net Unleashes 7yr Old Rapper "kid BLenG BLenG" On The World!

Bustback.net Unleashes 7yr Old Rapper "kid BLenG BLenG" On The World!

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Bustback.net Unleashes 7yr Old Rapper "kid BLenG BLenG" On The World!    11:51 on Thursday, November 05, 2009 Vote for this post Vote against this post 0 votes

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Sound: http://www.bustback.net/wow%20(yall%20stupid)%20eqd.mp3

Amyrh Harris aka "kid BLenG BLenG" was born on August 2nd 2002. At the age of 3, he was inspired by break dancing crews and krumpers to become the great little dancer he is today. Just before his fifth birthday, he signed on with LA Models and almost immediately began working. His first job was an episode of "The Shot", a television reality competition for photographers. He was one of the little child models they featured. His next big job was in the music video "Cops Up" for singer Lyfe Jennings. Amyrh claims that was his favorite job so far because there were other break-dancers on set who taught him alot. Shortly after filming the music video, he landed the recurring role of Theo Carver on the soap opera "Days of Our Lives". He also appeared with "Flava Flav" on an episode of "Flavor Of Love" and "The Land of the Lost". He has now made a jump into the super members only Hip Hop arena with his smash video heating up the scene with over 10,000+ plays on Vladtv.com in only a few days.

"We feel that Hip Hop is a segregated art form these days, but we also feel that children now with the emergence of kiD BLenG BlenG will have their own honest, authentic, non-corrupting music to enjoy" states Gary Williams and Downtown Isis of Bustback.net.

Check out the video for "wOw yA'LL StupiD" right now at http://www.vladtv.com/video/12674/kid-bleng-bleng--wow-yall-stupid/

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To book Kid Bleng Bleng Contact Gary Williams At Bustback7@gmail.com or Slickwax@gmail.com


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