high school musical 2

high school musical 2

high school musical 2    22:47 on Monday, July 09, 2007

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okay i love hig school musical 1 i guess i should say. It was really good i know the secodn won't be as good a the first they should stop while the are head. It is just like the sherk movies 1 was great 2 no so much 3 again was good but not the best. they are going to have 2 or 3 movies of sherk by the 5 or 6 one no one will watch it. a mean it really isn't that funny as the first one. I hope high school musical stops at 2 because it will die otu at three.
Tell me what you think of any movies or musicals i want to here from you mostly if it is about high school musical or sherk or pirates of the carrbibean let me hear from you

Re: high school musical 2    10:25 on Sunday, September 30, 2007

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Well Ithought you might like to know that there'll be a fourth Pirates of the Carribean and there is supposed to be a third high School musical only zac Effron (Troy) has refused to play in it after being offered three million!! As far as I know the other actors have all agreed to go on but not him. However I agree with him, another HSM would ruin the other two.

Re: high school musical 2    15:30 on Thursday, December 20, 2007

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High School Musical... is weird.
Sure its good, and yeah, there is music in it... but dose it really deserve the title "MUSICAL"?!?

Re: high school musical 2    13:02 on Friday, February 01, 2008

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I thought it was pretty awesome. I can't wait for HSM3!


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