A question to harp players

A question to harp players

A question to harp players    12:29 on Sunday, March 18, 2012          

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Posted by AmateurComposer

I read in orchestration books that a pedal configuration has to be indicated in front of the harp printed music. The books which I read describe three different format of laying out the pedal configuration (two by notes names, single line and double line, and one which represents the pedals setup graphically), but they do not elaborate where in the music score this configuration is to be placed. As I see it there are two possibilities:
1. In front of the harp part, just under the instrument name.
2. Under the staff, just before the first dynamic marking.
Any other possibilities? Well, where in the score should I place the pedal configuration?

Also, while my preference is with the graphic format (because it is more compact) I would like to know which of the three formats is preferred by the harp players.

Thanks for your response in advance.

Re: A question to harp players    00:28 on Sunday, April 29, 2012          

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I play the Folk harp mostly, so I really don't use pedals, but I can.

Usually, when I am playing, I just read the key signature, and ajust the pedals (in my case levers) accordingly. So personally, I would prefer the configuration to be above the Clef and key signature.

Good luck!

Re: A question to harp players    11:15 on Sunday, May 06, 2012          

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Posted by AmateurComposer

Thank you for you response. I was not aware of the folk harp musical instrument which is controlled by levers rather than pedals, and I looked in Wikipedia for information about it. According to that information, the need to manipulate levers by hand forces interruptions in the musical performance. How serious is this problem? As far as I can imagine, this is not too bad with folk music. Did you ever try to perform any classical piece with this instrument?


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