Requiem for a Dead Brother, Coltrane?

Requiem for a Dead Brother, Coltrane?

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Requiem for a Dead Brother, Coltrane?    22:36 on Tuesday, March 07, 2006 Vote for this post Vote against this post 0 votes

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In the late 1970s I had a record, which I would have sworn was by John Coltrane, on which there was a stunning piece called "Requiem for a Dead Brother". My recollection was that it was one of his later recordings. This title is burned into my brain, but now I'm doubting my sanity because I cannot find a single mention on the internet of a recording by this name, by Coltrane or anyone else. I've tried several different searches with Google and Teoma. Can anyone shed some light on this? I can't believe that any recording by 'Trane would be so obscure.


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