Vassilis Tsabropoulos & Donald Byrd

Vassilis Tsabropoulos & Donald Byrd

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Vassilis Tsabropoulos & Donald Byrd    14:10 on Saturday, December 09, 2006

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You folks got'ta buy the Tsabropoulos "Achirana" CD and play "The Spell" ... it is awesome.

Also Donald Byrd "Early Byrd - The Best of the Jazz Soul Years" CD and play "The Emperor" and "Slow Drag".

There are sample cuts at each of these web sites, but they don't give you much of an idea of what's comin' down because of the long lead-in times associated with many jazz compositions. I promise you will love these 2 CDs.

Y'all are welcome to visit my web site too ... just introduce yourself and have at it:

Mondo Fuego


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