It`s been a while. MUSIC SEARCHING!

It`s been a while. MUSIC SEARCHING!

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It`s been a while. MUSIC SEARCHING!    00:30 on Tuesday, November 06, 2007 Vote for this post Vote against this post 0 votes

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Hey everyone :D

Well it's been quite a while since i've been on here and i'm looking for lots of new sheet music.
If anyone has any of these pieces, could you send them to me?

-Don't know why by Norah Jones
-Moondance by Michael Buble
-Hero by Enrique Leglias
-Hallejulah by Rufus Wrainwright
-Anything Elton John
-You'll be in my heart by Phil Collins
-Anything from Hairspray
-The titanic theme
-Superman by five for fighting

I'm pretty sure that's pretty much everything. School music and music outside of school are looking for new songs.
Thanks guys.



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