Michael Bolton & Wynnona: This is the Time

Michael Bolton & Wynnona: This is the Time

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Michael Bolton & Wynnona: This is the Time    20:30 on Friday, August 13, 2004
Hello everyone,
I`m a pop music and classical music piano player and I always look for sheet music on the Internet and at music stores.

There is, however, one song that I cannot find at either of my sources...I`m looking for the song, "This is the Time" by Michael Bolton with Wynonna. It is track #9 on Michael`s "This is the Time" Christmas CD.

If there is anyone out there who happens to know where I could possibly find and buy this sheet music (or if you know where I can get it free), I would be very much abliged and thankful.

I would appreciate ANY reply to this message, no matter how useless you think your suggestion may be. This song has a special meaning to my heart and being able to find this sheet music would be a dream come true, so absolutely any reply would be helpful to me.

I thank you all for just reading my post, even if you don`t reply to it. It means a lot to me. Thank you again.

Playing for Him,


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