The Rock Bands Reality Show! The Ultimate Show With Groupies!

The Rock Bands Reality Show! The Ultimate Show With Groupies!

The Rock Bands Reality Show! The Ultimate Show With Groupies!    13:29 on Saturday, May 10, 2003          
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<h1>"The Rock Bands Reality Show"</h1>

(More Show Schedules Coming Soon!)
<h1>(Here Are The New Show Schedules!)</h1>
Don`t miss the hottest reality show on cable TV! "The Rock Bands Reality Show" on Warner
Cable TV in Cincinnati!
Here Are The New Show Schedules:
(Channel_4 Apr 5th. Sat. at 4:30pm/ Channel_24 Apr 22th Tue. at 7:00pm/ Channel_4 Apr. 11th Fri. at 10:30AM/ Channel_4 Apr. 16th Wen. at10:00am/ Channel_4 Apr. 28th Mon. at 3:30pm/, And :Channel_4 May 8th Thu. at 7:30pm/ (Shows are on Warner Cable In Cincinnati, and Will Be On Syndicated TV Stations. Call Your Local Cable Company and Request To See This Show!)

This Group Is For All Of The Unsigned Rock Bands & Fans In The World To Join! This Reality Show is About Rock Bands making Their Way To The Top! A Real Life View Inside The World Of Rock Groups Trying To Become A BIG ROCK STAR! All Of The Rock Fans Will Be able To Vote For Their Favorite Band By Polls To See Who Will Become The Biggest Rock Band in the world! Bands Can Put Photos, Videos, Bios, Etc., In This Group. Also Their Fans & Groupies Will Be In This Show. See The Groupies Go To The Extremes To Get To Their Favorite Bands.
In a nutshell, the show will attempt to capture what `reality` television has apparently missed - reality. Join "The Rock Bands Reality Show" for a real life, back stage look at unsigned rock bands and their all to real trials and tribulations, as well as their successes, interviews, practices, shows, release parties, etc.

See all the real life action, and the Techno Dance competition! See what the fans, and
the groupies are up to in this real life adventure! More shows will follow. This show
will be video taped all across the country, also fans will be able to get in this reality
show by coming to any of the shows. Bands, and fans interested in getting on the show,
and the "Techno Dance Competition call: 513-369-3398 or email:

<h2>More Excitement Than Any Reality Show In The World!</h2>

<h1>"The Rock Bands Reality Show"</h1>

"The Rock Bands Reality Show"
All You See on Reality TV Shows are shows For Boy Bands, And Pop Groups! Now! Hear is a TV Show For You Rockers!

"The Rock Bands Reality Show"
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