Brazil    13:28 on Friday, October 13, 2006

(6 points), i discovered this band through the grapevine of underground music. I checked out their page on and took a listen. I have to say i really like the music so i went out and brought the album "The Philosophy of Velocity" what a cool title. And am happy to report no dissapointment there. My favorite track on this album is not even a complete's the intro. It's melodic/melancholy feel gives you a sense that you are entering nirvana and track 2 goes right into the drum beat and picks up the rhythm and dictates the direction that the album is going...which is purely unpredicateable and energetic. The one that keeps pouncing in my head though is track number 7 "Au Revoir Mr. Mercury" has a dap of Queen melodic style and is truly eclectic. Am really digging these guys as you can tell....check them out! Tell me what you think.


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