Favourite Albums

Favourite Albums

Favourite Albums    17:28 on Wednesday, November 05, 2003
Not very original I know...but I`m bored, so what are everyone`s favourite albums?

here are mine:
absolute favouriesin order
The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
The Beatles - Revolver
The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses

The Restin no order
The Beatles - Rubber Soul
Led Zeppelin - II
The Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet
Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life
The Who - Live At Leeds
Radiohead - The Bends
Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited
The La`s - The La`s
The Beatles - Hard Day`s Night
Bob Dylan - Blood on The Track
The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main St
The Who - Who`s Next
Radiohead - Ok Computer

Re: Favourite Albums    01:17 on Thursday, November 06, 2003
I would tell you, but you would probably make fun of me!

Re: Favourite Albums    10:39 on Thursday, November 06, 2003
No, we won`t. Every person has his/her own image of `good music`, so it`s only fair if our tastes collide.

In no order:
Radiohead - OK Computer, HTTT
Muse - All except for Hullabaloo which I didn`t like as much as the rest.
Beck - Midnite Vulture.
Tenacious D - Tenacious D.
Weezer - Maladroit.
Tarantino music collection...
Aqualung - Aqualung.

Thassit, I suppose

Re: Favourite Albums    10:53 on Thursday, November 06, 2003
no, i`d laugh...


Re: Favourite Albums    03:10 on Monday, May 29, 2006

(4 points)

1. Appetite for Destruction (GNR)
2. Led Zeppelin IV (Led Zeppelin)
3. Rubber Soul (Beatles)
4. The White Album (Beatles)
5. Use Your Illusion I (GNR)
6. Back in Black (AC/DC)
7. Machine Head (Deep Purple)
8. Physical Graffity (Led Zeppelin)
9. Abbey Road (Beatles)
10. Use Your Illusion II (GNR)

Re: Favourite Albums    03:51 on Monday, May 29, 2006

(102 points)

I had a thread on this awhile ago but it turned into some argument, and mine has changed some so I'll just throw em out band by band.

The Beatles-Revolver(absolute fave ever!!!!!!Best Album ever written)
Rubber Soul(narrowly Beaten by Revolver)
White Album
Abbey Road
Sgt. Peppers (Sensational Album, but also overrated, A Day in the Life is the most Brilliant song ever written though)

Led Zep-Phys Graffitti
1,2,3(no 4? What?! great album, but I think it's one of the most overrated ever)
Houses of the Holy(over the hills and far away fave song ever)
IN throught the out door

Radiohead- The Bends
Kid A
OK Computer

The Who- Tommy
Live at Leeds
Who's Next

Nirvana- Nevermind
In Utero(Pennyroyal tea? best nirvanan song)

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Californiacation
Stadium Arcadium ( Best album of the year so far)

Jimi Hendrix- Axis: Bold as Love (Just Beautiful)
Are You Experienced?

Rage- Live (Never better than on this CD)
Battle of LA

SOAD- Mezmerize

David Bowie- Ziggy Stardust

The Mars Volta- De-Loused in the Comatorium (anyone who hasn't heard of these guys needs to go pick up this cd NOW)

Incubus- S.C.I.E.N.C.E. (their 1st album and also their best)

The Sex Pistols- Never Mind the Bollocks...(whenever I get sick of all the bullshit in Music today I just listen to this album and it's all better)

AFI- Sing the Sorrow

Box Car Racer- Box car racer

Floyd- DSOTM


Thursday- Full Collapse
War All the Time

The Velvet Undrground- Loaded

Pixies- Surfer Rosa

Pearl Jam- Vs.

Bob Dylan- Highway 61

Tool- Undertow

The Smashing Pumpkins- Mellon collie...(3rd best album of the 90s after Nevermind and the bends)

Weezer- Blue Album (Just a fun listen)

Green Day- Dookie (they suck now but once upon a time)

And my guilty pleasure.......

Blink 182- ALL their albums (may not be deep but just a fun band to listen to)


Whoops forgot one

U2- Acthung Baby

Re: Favourite Albums    03:52 on Monday, May 29, 2006

(102 points)

And who cares if it's original or not? I hate people who think you like albums that constantly are at the top of people's lists. Just b/c u like albums that are popular doesn't matter, they're popular and widely loved for a reason, and if you love em, it doesn't matter how original your list is.

Re: Favourite Albums    11:28 on Monday, May 29, 2006

(77 points)

SGT. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band - The Beatles

The White Album - The Beatles

Blood Sugar Sex Magik - RHCP

Stadium Arcadium - RHCP

Elephant - The White Stripes

De Stijl - The White Stripes

Everyday - DMB

Sounds of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel

EC was Here - Eric Clapton

One More Care, One More Rider - Eric Clapton

IV- Led Zeppelin

Greatest Hits 1974-1978 - Steve Miller Band

Greatest Hits - Allman Brothers Band

Live at Carnegie Hall - Stevie Ray Vaughan

Live at Berkeley - Jimi Hendrix

Greatest Hits - Billy Joel

Back in Black - AC/DC

Wolfmother - Wolfmother

Permission to Land - The Darkness

Heavier Things - John Mayer

X&Y - Coldplay

Mezmorize - SOAD

All that You Can't Leave Behind - U2

The Birthday Concert - Jaco Pastorius

40th Anniversary Concert - Benny Goodman

That pretty much sums up my musical tastes, as those are some of my favorite cds that i listen to, I know some of it is greatest hits album which is kind of lame, but I don't really have anything else by those people (although I also have a huge chunck of classical cd's that I didn't mention)

Re: Favourite Albums    17:56 on Monday, May 29, 2006

(161 points)

1: Are You Experienced? by Jimi Hendrix
2: Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan
3: Let It Bleed by The Rolling Stones
4: Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
5: Houses of the Holy by Led Zeppelin
6: Who's Next by The Who
7: The White Album by The Beatles
8: Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd
9: Disraeli Gears by Cream
10: Thick as a Brick by Jethro Tull

Re: Favourite Albums    19:37 on Monday, May 29, 2006

(138 points)

Sublime- Explict self-titled
G&R- Appetite for Destruction
ACDC- Back in Black
Matchbox 20- Yourself or someone like you
Alanis Morrisette- Jagged Little Pill
Flogging Molly- Swagger
Pantera- Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys Vulgar Hits
The Eagles- Greatest Hits
Elton John- Greatest Hits
Greenday- Dookie

Wow, thats got to be the most awkward list ever. lol. I'm all over the place with music.


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