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  notes for piano needed!!
Hi! I`m from Poland and the only notes we can...
Ewa 4 9/4/2003 1688
  Who composed "Bourrec Alla Polacca"
Any of you know who composed "Bourrec Alla Po...
Solomon Indo 2 1/4/2003 1323
  Perfection inMusic
Do you think that someone can achieve perfe...
Kathy 28 25/3/2003 2124
  Transposing from Bass Clef to Treble Clef-HELP!
Hi Everyone: I have a piece here that is for...
Jessica 2 24/3/2003 4583
Does anyone know a good website where i can a...
TrptRockYourFaceOff 0 1/3/2003 2457
  Who composed "Bourrec Alla Polacca" (played by John Williams, from THE BAROQUE ALBUM - 01?
Any of you know who composed "Bourrec Alla Po...
Solomon Indo 4 9/2/2003 1437
  Help Bohemian Rhapsody Score needed!!!!!!!!
Hi all I was wondering if anybody has a Copy ...
Michael Dobson 4 9/2/2003 4812
why does advertize free downloadab...
JACKIE 2 5/2/2003 1507
  possitions of harmonic`s on the violin fingerboard
please anybody, can you please help me in fin...
JACKIE 0 5/2/2003 1254
  Were Do I Find MIDI songs?
I currently own a Yamaha DGX-500 Digital Pian...
siren 8 4/2/2003 1846
  Which composer 1st?
Hello i am wondering if anyone can tell me wh...
siren 0 27/1/2003 2580
  Sharp or Flat?
When I come across a piece of Music & begin t...
siren 8 23/1/2003 1548
  Do you know the name to this piece?
Its off an old film called "big" which starre...
Mike Race 4 23/1/2003 1477
  College MUSIC Scholarships
How do people get the chance to get a college...
sean 0 22/1/2003 1866
  Serendipty Motion Picture
Does anyone know the name of the song tat is ...
John 0 19/1/2003 3058
  We need a harp and a harmonica section here.
Harp is a very hard cataglory to find music f...
TheBard 0 16/1/2003 1406
  A4Teen - A Fantastic Band
Here is a website, which I am in as a cellist...
Guest 4 14/1/2003 2000
  i need help on sight reading skills :( (instrument:violin)
NYyankees 8 9/1/2003 2008
  Do you hve sheet music for....
I`m looking for sheet music to Illuminati by ...
Alex 0 7/1/2003 1549
  Harp notes
Hey, does anyone play the harp here? Cos I ki...
Me 0 1/1/2003 1020

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