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  St.louis branding on flute
Hi, so I'm not exactly a flute expert or ...
 Kirstenross 0 3/9/2015 8
  Can pitting corrosion on a flute be poisonous?
I have a 40 y.o. Artley, closed hole, plated ...
 quinnykq 1 30/8/2015 116
  Tips for beginning/intermediate
Hey. I am 12 years old. I have played flute ...
 MIWAGW 2 26/8/2015 212
  WRONG SIZE Open-Hole Flute Plugs
I think that I have put in too big of plugs i...
 arima-kousei 1 21/8/2015 197
  Old Armstrong Heritage Alto Flute
I have an old Armstrong Heritage alto flute (...
 jrpflute 2 16/7/2015 236
  Playing flute with braces
So, I'm a pretty committed flute player. ...
 Galaxies 2 16/7/2015 330
  How old is ok?
I'm looking into buying a used piccolo bu...
 JessRainbows 3 16/7/2015 470
  Piccolo for Marching Band (College student price range)
So I know there are so many topics out of the...
 Silver-Flute 1 4/7/2015 311
  Azumi vs. Powell
I tried out different flutes and I'm torn...
 arima-kousei 1 20/6/2015 359
  New concerto for flute
Hello everyone, just wanted to drop a line an...
 LizHennessy1 0 20/6/2015 151
  Armstrong gold plated flute with serial number 190 6 6092
Looking for feedback on serial number. Doesn...
 Dehlia1049 0 17/6/2015 200
  Piccolo head joints
Does anyone know if an Artley 18p head joint...
 Disneymom50 0 12/6/2015 152
  Wooden flutes
Hi, I'm a new kid on the block, and I hav...
 maxgroebel 1 3/6/2015 323
  Ever heard of a flute made by Crown?
Hello everyone, I have recently acquired a u...
 pdavini 0 24/5/2015 210
  Bach Flute sheet music
I have a friend who loves Bach, likes she say...
 Bachlove 1 4/5/2015 246
  Anyone selling a piccolo?
I am in the market to buy a piccolo. It need...
 MeliSama 0 21/4/2015 263
  Ian Clarke. Deep Blue
Does anybody have Ian Clarke Deep Blue notes....
 Skyfall 1 14/4/2015 380
  Welcome back to old forum members
Hi Kate! Hi Suzi!...
 jose_luis 2 4/3/2015 420
  Section Leader/ Favoritism
Since this flutist moved in from out of state...
 Danboka 0 23/2/2015 409
  Seeking help
I'm having trouble hitting notes in the l...
 jocala 0 21/2/2015 289

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