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  The Hounds of Spring
I was wondering if anyone had the 1st or 3rd ...
Jackie 0 30/8/2003 1114
  clarinet promblems
Hey everyone, I`ve been playing sax for 3 yea...
Dan Glaude 6 30/8/2003 744
  New Purchase How Do I Sanitize?
I just bought a used Clarinet, how would I cl...
Denise 8 30/8/2003 1071
  14 key vs. 17 key clarinet
My daughter plans to start playing the clarin...
Stephanie 2 30/8/2003 1083
  Which clarinet to buy? Buffet or Olds
Was wondering which would be a better purchas...
lynn 2 27/8/2003 993
  clarinet vibrato???
The other day i was listening to a clarinet s...
shubie 10 26/8/2003 2644
  Which clarinet is better
Is Artley a good company? If so which clarine...
Rotciv 10 25/8/2003 1130
  I need help!
I had to buy a new clarinet after mine was st...
Mandy 6 24/8/2003 785
I was just wondering how to transpose music. ...
Shna 6 21/8/2003 699
  Hey, I had just a few questions....
Hello all, I was just wondering, I lost one o...
Shna 4 21/8/2003 641
  Anyone know???
Anyone know where I can find all kinds of she...
Stacey 10 20/8/2003 1204
  ilove playing the clarinet it`s just i wish can find some free music for me and my band at shcool
if you guys can find some free band music for...
Jerome 2 20/8/2003 1002
  New 56 Reeds
Hey guys, OK, so I`ve kind of been irresponsi...
Christina 14 20/8/2003 891
  internal combustion
hey, has anyone ever marched to interal combu...
shubie 12 19/8/2003 1040
  Commercial Music : Composer?
Hi everyone. I`ve been hearing this clarinet...
Jane 2 17/8/2003 873
  Pad cup style and Body Material
I got bored and I was looking at the LeBlanc ...
Nao 2 16/8/2003 693
  Clarinet reeds - when to move from size 3 to 3.5?
Ok hi everyone, I need some advice,I am in 7t...
Alisha 50 14/8/2003 10716
i know this is the same message thing as my o...
Nao 4 11/8/2003 829
  discolored keys =>> help!
Hi! It`s kinda dumb to admit but I`ve put asi...
daniel jang 6 11/8/2003 850
  reed changes
how often should i change reeds if i practice...
emilee 8 10/8/2003 807

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