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  How difficult is a difficult song?
I`ve been playing clarinet for a while now an...
Anon 26 10/2/2004 605
  How do u get the best sound out of your clarinet???
hi, ive been playing clarinet for over a year...
Neil 4 8/2/2004 652
  Information on playing solo for money (Pubs, coffe bars, and such) Need music suggestions.
Hi, I`m 27 and played clarinet from age 10-19...
Christina 2 8/2/2004 595
Vandoren Optimum or Rovner Eddie Daniels? I`...
Ashley 4 5/2/2004 774
  Albert System Clarinet??
Can anyone help! I am a new Clarinet player a...
Bass Poullath 4 29/1/2004 1149
  Alto clarinet....
anyone in here actually like playing the thin...
Kristen 10 27/1/2004 758
  How do I compare?
I was just wondering how old u guys are, what...
Matt 12 26/1/2004 638
  anime sheet music
does anyone have some anime sheet music for B...
Serinity 0 25/1/2004 883
  Playing The Sax then Clary
Is it a hard switch cause I really want to tr...
Tenorman 2 25/1/2004 673
  Synthetic Reeds (Fibracell)
I was wondering if you clarinet players use F...
Hayley 22 25/1/2004 1650
  Does Anyone Thinks That Buffet is Still The Lead Maker Of Good Clarinet?
Buffet has always being the lead maker in 60t...
Mozarte 30 24/1/2004 1401
  Hard piece
Hi, I was wondering one was the hardest piece...
Marissa 14 23/1/2004 691
  Director not appreciating clarinet?
Is there anyone else who feel their director ...
Shadie 4 21/1/2004 667
  How long does a reed last you?
How long do you guys keep your reeds for? I ...
Louise 2 21/1/2004 1623
  Concert Pitch
I am working towards Grade 5 theory, and in t...
Wandering Cellist 14 20/1/2004 570
  Sight-reading question
I am high school clarinetist who is planning ...
Mozart Girl 20 19/1/2004 763
  Buffet E-11 USA vs. Europe version
I just bought a buffet E-11 in the US. I have...
John P. 0 19/1/2004 961
  New Australian Clarinet Discussion Group
Jodi 2 19/1/2004 602
  Suggestions anyone?
Recently, I have formed an excellent wind qui...
Mozart Girl 8 19/1/2004 763
Hi I just bought me a holton collegiate mode...
Peter Faas 2 19/1/2004 523

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