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  Vintage King
So I'm looking for a vintage King 2B. I&...
 Trombonator 0 24/6/2012 954
  Trombone in Treble Clef?
I'm newish to trombone (two years) and re...
 Derek13 1 4/6/2012 1278
  Trrombotine or slide-o-mix?
I use slide-o-mix but I've heard alot of ...
 trombonegirl_27 3 15/5/2012 1608
  Shire trombone for sale
Ive got a large bore symphonic shire trombone...
 Angus93 0 10/5/2012 1683
  Trombone improvisation, comments welcome H...
 DanHeath 0 21/4/2012 988
  Woodland Chamber Music Workshop for adults
Join us for WCMW 12 our 5th anniversary! ...
 jaerie 0 16/4/2012 864
  New Big Band Transcriptions/Arrangements Website
Hi everyone, I don't know if this is th...
 callumau 0 22/3/2012 1127
  Any tips for better sound on trombone?
So here's my story... I play tenor trombo...
 tomm128 4 5/3/2012 2211
  Giddings and webster mouthpiece wont fit
The giddings and webster medium shank stainle...
 TheTromboneGuy 1 5/3/2012 1465
Hey guys, I am in high school and looking for...
 unicatz20 3 5/3/2012 1862
  Are Shires horns worth the money?
I'm going to be going to Dillon Music thi...
 bonegirl 4 5/3/2012 4136
  Been interested in buying a Trombone!
Hey guys, I'm about to graduate HS and am...
 Pikachokes 2 4/3/2012 1593
  Mozart - Waltz
I have recently completed a FREE sheet music ...
 Allewis55 0 15/2/2012 1471
  Braces and Trombone!!!
I recently got braces and I am a trombone pla...
 tomm128 1 25/1/2012 839
  Conn 110H
what does everyone think of this trombone? I&...
 trombone24 12 14/12/2011 2380
  Building Range
Im new to this website, just so i could creat...
 TheTromboneGuy 1 5/12/2011 1049
  King Bass Trombone
I own a King "Duo Gravis" 7B Bass Trombone. I...
 mmartin 1 26/11/2011 2272
  Alastair Lewis - The Farmyard Ball
I have recently completed a FREE sheet music ...
 Allewis55 0 18/11/2011 591
  Mouthpiece Switch?
I have been playing on a Bach 4G for about 3 ...
 ejohnston 1 4/10/2011 761
  looking to buy a trombone...
I am a trombone player, I'm young (15) so...
 Tromboneplayer914 1 13/9/2011 886

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