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  My cello has been getting a horrible sound.
My cello I`ve noticed doesn`t ring NEARLY as ...
Matt 2 26/10/2003 1526
  Is there anywhere to find sheet music for ANY or ALL of the songs from Yo-Yo ma`s Obrigado Brazil?
Whether its some free sheet music site or its...
Eric 0 5/10/2003 1309
  switching from violin to cello :O
Hi, im new here and am thinking of taking up ...
kellie-chan 16 2/10/2003 1395
  HIMA cello?
lucasc 0 22/9/2003 1241
  familiar with FFH?
Heard a contempory Christian song recently by...
Don 0 21/9/2003 977
  new bow
Greetings fellow cellists. I have just start...
Don 6 18/9/2003 1311
Guys guys, HELP! HELP! I need to perform in s...
Keith 8 17/9/2003 1123
MUSIC DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DATE:27TH WHAT U ...
Treble cleff 2 27/8/2003 1111
  Cello Heaven
Hey everyone. This is a great site for all ...
Carmello 4 26/8/2003 1802
  Finding an instructor
Hi. I would really really like to learn to pl...
Cellist Wannabe 0 21/8/2003 989
  What Do you think of a cellist Navarra?
I`ve recently discovered a few very rare reco...
anonymous 0 9/8/2003 973
  Fiddle Forum and Alternative Strings Resource.
If your interested in playing your stringed i...
madfiddler 0 31/7/2003 838
  Croatian cello player
Does anyone know some youn Croatian cello pla...
kelly 0 31/7/2003 994
  What is easier, the cello or the violin.
A man who plays neither, today informed me th...
JLW fan 2 6/7/2003 957
what`s a celloist ?!...
yo ma 28 23/5/2003 3556
  Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Audition for cello Feb./1993
Solos 1. A major cello concerto 2. A movement...
sean 2 18/5/2003 3710
  Method books for cello
I purchased a beginners method book ("All for...
bonnie 4 4/5/2003 1258
  Are cello players in orchestras are the best looking?
This is not me trying to say im sexy or nethi...
cap`n petey 22 4/5/2003 2184
  some cello help
Hey everyone, I`m a pianist and a guitarist, ...
Brian 14 2/5/2003 1952
  How can I remember to practice everyday?
I never practice and I really should but I al...
aida nayenezgani 4 23/4/2003 1601

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