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  Who is your favourite cellist?
Who is your favourite cellist anyone? Mine us...
JLW fan 16 20/12/2003 4030
  how to hold the cello right ?
hallo, i got my cello last friday and i love...
patilon 8 20/12/2003 1327
  Ouch! My thumbs!
I have played the cello for 2 years, currentl...
Keith 9 13/12/2003 2637
  picture up-- the alumitar, 10-stringed electric "cello"
Not exactly a cello-- it`s tuned in fourths a...
Paul 4 11/12/2003 1134
  Nee help finding a teacher....
Hi all! I`m so excited that there are so many...
Cello Novice 18 26/11/2003 2834
  pizzicato speed
How fast can a cellist expect to be able to d...
Paul 2 18/11/2003 1372
Im learning to play cello. Its hard becuz im ...
RiC 0 4/11/2003 1118
  Bow has no traction???
As mentioned earlier, I bought cheap chineese...
D 16 2/11/2003 1325
  I need to get my brother interested in cello again
i need some suggestions on how to make cello ...
Nicola 2 29/10/2003 1407
  I met Julian Lloyd Webber!
I met Julian Lloyd Webber and got his autogra...
JLW fan 6 28/10/2003 2491
  this has absolutly nothing to do with music, but plz help neway
srry this has nothin to do with music, but im...
elsie 4 27/10/2003 1580
  i need some help
Hello! I`m having my very first lesson of vi...
Lucille 4 27/10/2003 1128
  Building Musical Instruments
If you have any ideas for me please post them...
Kerrigan 15 26/10/2003 2559
  Intonation Problems-Please Help
Hi, To get perfect 5ths on my cello I have t...
Belbs 4 26/10/2003 1222
  My cello has been getting a horrible sound.
My cello I`ve noticed doesn`t ring NEARLY as ...
Matt 2 26/10/2003 1637
  Is there anywhere to find sheet music for ANY or ALL of the songs from Yo-Yo ma`s Obrigado Brazil?
Whether its some free sheet music site or its...
Eric 0 5/10/2003 1433
  switching from violin to cello :O
Hi, im new here and am thinking of taking up ...
kellie-chan 16 2/10/2003 1608
  HIMA cello?
lucasc 0 22/9/2003 1407
  familiar with FFH?
Heard a contempory Christian song recently by...
Don 0 21/9/2003 1061
  new bow
Greetings fellow cellists. I have just start...
Don 6 18/9/2003 1448

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