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  Need help understanding scales!
I just got into Bass guitar and guitar but i&...
 bassoonater 0 16/1/2010 724
  Name of this chord??????
I'm playing a song, and one of the chords...
 kristenowens 0 6/1/2010 606
  Random Guitar Riff Generator
 destrukto 0 5/1/2010 2618
  top 10 punk bands (NOT GREEN DAY)
give me the best punk bands of the late 70s, ...
 Drew945101 7 22/12/2009 5715
  New Jazz Guitar
I have been playing guitar for seven years an...
 tubitargurl 0 3/12/2009 668
I was just wondering how all of you musicians...
 pianoclarinetviolin 5 25/11/2009 1132
  Where can i find a good cheap guitar?
I am thinking about starting guitar but i don...
 pianoviolinflute 5 16/11/2009 5702
  i want to find a good guitar
I want to find a good and low price guitar pa...
 nbbfan56 2 16/11/2009 1201
  Beginning Guitar
Any girls out there that play guitar? If I wa...
 coraven 3 1/11/2009 1415
  Same note
Great site! Just found it. Thanks 8 note!! He...
 blukatnga 2 12/10/2009 780
  Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT vs. Dean Razorback V 255
They are both great guitars...but which shoul...
 MetalMyke 2 26/9/2009 2266
  Vintage Gibson Mandolin
I own a Gibson Model EM-150 electric mandolin...
 dartagnan 1 22/9/2009 1686
  Size of Guitar
I bought a guitar around 2 years ago and I...
 ickivicki26 5 12/8/2009 1752
When buying a guitar what should you look for...
 dancingviola 1 11/8/2009 1021
  I want to play guitar but...
I've been playing piano most of my life (...
 MusicRawks 13 17/7/2009 2651
  Old Silvertone Guitar- worth and neck problems?
I have a 1969 Silvertone acoustic guitar. I f...
 KawaiiSkywalker 4 15/7/2009 2528
Ha guys, i've been looking for the guit...
 rachelanne 1 20/6/2009 1456
  Changing from Chord to Chord
For me, changing from chord to chord is my bi...
 DragonPix 10 17/6/2009 3130
  Free music!
Ha does any one want the classical guitar mus...
 rachelanne 0 16/6/2009 1633
  Electric amplifier
I'm looking for an amplifier for my Epiph...
 heckno_techno 1 12/6/2009 835

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