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  Edoardo Catemario plays Vivaldi
Hello everybody ! There is a new video by the...
 Daria_Fedotova 0 3/2/2009 959
  Guitars with HS pickup configurations?
Hello, fellow guitarists! Does anyone know of...
 jonthestrummer 0 2/2/2009 1112
  odd guitar-what the heck is it?
Hi. I got this guitar the other day-it was ch...
 sirdeltalot 2 1/2/2009 1591
  Please help show us this chord !!!
 joyousjoym 3 29/1/2009 1137
  Win A Free Custom Shop Guitar Signed By Elite Guitarist
Last Chance To Win Free TAGIMA Custom shop Gu...
 sthprk 0 27/1/2009 2024
  Classical Guitar Method
Hi everyone. I just started playing classica...
 OboeNightmare 2 24/1/2009 1688
  Noob Alert!!!
Hey guys. I've been playin guitar off and...
 tubaguy1123 1 20/1/2009 1122
  Amp help
I've been playing for a while now and jus...
 heckno_techno 1 20/1/2009 922
  A List Of Acoustic Guitar Songs?
I'm looking for some new acoustic songs t...
 kjtspirit 4 16/1/2009 33295
  Random Question
Hey everyone...I know this may seem like a no...
 LED_ZEP_MIK 7 8/1/2009 1350
  Thoughts on this guitar/acoustic guitars?
So I've been looking at some guitars and ...
 arabians207 2 27/12/2008 1129
  Autographed Taj Mahal Guitar Giveaway!
 telarc 1 16/12/2008 1696
  Buying Guitar. Opinions/Advice?
Ok, so, the time has come now that my little ...
 GegabeltF 0 13/12/2008 1049
  free sheet music
hey! m nt able 2 use free sheet music....lyk ...
 shriyangelspy 0 11/12/2008 1285
  How the **** do i get better on guitar?
ok, ive been playin guitar for over 3 years, ...
 Haika 6 29/11/2008 6405
  Something easy to play!
So i got the guitar, and found some music i l...
 blackhellebore89 4 27/11/2008 2480
  Edoardo Catemario on youtube
Hello! I invite everybody who love good musi...
 Daria_Fedotova 0 17/11/2008 960
  Newbie - effects advice
Hi, I'm looking for some advice so feel f...
 MickTheLamb 1 8/11/2008 1225
  Just "re-starting"
I'm just picking up the guitar again. Abo...
 DragonPix 5 8/11/2008 1984
  Guitar Tab - Top 20 Songs
1. Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin 2, Hote...
 dphilley 2 8/11/2008 8092

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