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  College Auditions Soon
I have college auditions coming up quite soon...
 Rebecca92Mezzo 0 23/7/2010 782
  Help! Looking for sheet music "Io Ci Saro"
Cross posted from Piano forum: Hi! The song ...
 snewton86 0 7/7/2010 1822
  One of my 1st attempts at a YouTube cover... rate my singing?
I've been trying to practice singing whil...
 el_mariachi 0 27/6/2010 1012
  I lost my voice and I don`t know what to do about it
I lost my voice two weeks ago when I went cam...
 channeledemotions 1 23/6/2010 1700
  How to Get into the whistle range
Well, Im male, in choirs im more of a tenor 2...
 krosskuntryrunner 1 19/5/2010 1054
  Woodland Chamber Music Workshop for adult amateurs
Vocalists, join us for WCMW '10! The Woo...
 jaerie 0 5/5/2010 753
  Bobby McFerrin
If only I could get my voice to change with s...
 greenhand 0 8/4/2010 919
  Watch and comment my singing
I'm trying to find more watchers and feed...
 liikaaliikaa 0 22/3/2010 938
Good morning. Ok,I've a question to make...
 garretblake 0 20/3/2010 885
  Increasing the Power
Hello! I was just wondering if anyone might h...
 Saoirse1992 3 28/2/2010 1368
  Need score choir version "She moved through the fair"
Hi! I need a downloadable copy of a SATB vers...
 jose_luis 0 25/2/2010 1089
  Feedback on singing voice
Hi Guys, Would appreciate feedback on my sin...
 CityGirl109 0 27/1/2010 839
can anyone beside me sing opera on this websi...
 asc111 6 25/1/2010 1180
  how do i know if Im using my head voice?
I've been following brett manings' si...
 elgori 1 16/1/2010 2967
  Can you sing AND play guitar/uke at the same time?
I just cannot seem to do both at the same tim...
 Deets 3 16/1/2010 1656
  original tracks
looking for singers and rappers for my upcomi...
 WMP 0 15/12/2009 971
  Teen Talent Search!
 BLevy 0 9/12/2009 1731
  is my singing voice ok?
Sorry if this seems like a spammy or wasteful...
 OptimusSpud 13 27/11/2009 3059
  Looking for a hamilton vocalist
We're a hamilton ontario band looking for...
 jskarupa 0 25/10/2009 886
  how is my singing? \:
 DMEW 0 14/10/2009 1025

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