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  What do you think of my performance ?
Hey new to this website so thought i would in...
 martyncoleman 0 16/7/2009 688
  Vocal Ranges
Hi, I like to sing in my spare time and I not...
 OboeNightmare 3 9/7/2009 1709
  Tips for an A+ Singing Audition - Recent post
Hi, I recently wrote up a post that some of...
 AlexMaine 1 3/7/2009 947
  need help please!!! need help learning not to sing through my nose.
every time i hear myself sing such as from a ...
 lpuppy79 3 22/6/2009 1531
  Please comment on my singing! :D
Hello, I am 14 this year and hope to be an op...
 piggy_in_a_blanket 5 31/5/2009 950
The type of singing I'm interested in is ...
 celticlady 3 28/5/2009 1186
  Chest voice or head voice?
I've recently been told that my every-day...
 failure 3 21/5/2009 11115
  Stop the Straining/ Better Tone
Ok, just recently i've been making singin...
 gordo209 4 4/5/2009 1164
  Can`t afford singing lessons... what can I do?
Because of college I'm out of work until ...
 grasshopa 8 4/5/2009 3270
  Singing in tune
My biggest trouble right now is to sing in tu...
 celticlady 4 15/4/2009 2933
  Me singing Let me Love you by Mario !!!!!!!!!!!! TELL ME YOURE OPINION!!!!
 DominicMartinB 0 31/3/2009 937
  Online one to one singing lessons Via Skype
Singing & Speaking Lessons via Skype Gemma n...
 jupething 0 27/3/2009 1021
  Me Singing - Constructive Critisism please :)
Hi all, looking forward to 8note, looks like ...
 Jibbles 0 16/3/2009 731
  TC-Helicon tone correction foot pedal
Hey everyone, new guy here. I just started si...
 choppy 0 12/2/2009 1017
  What is my vocal classicfiaction (noob question)
First I'd like to mention that I don'...
 JustinC7 0 12/2/2009 1025
  Looking for a singer
Hi im just browsing the forums to see if i ca...
 Zephre 2 6/2/2009 3638
  Losing Air Support
Hi everyone. I study instruments and just li...
 OboeNightmare 7 23/1/2009 1216
How do you guys learn solfege?...
 Kevalenoxx 6 22/1/2009 3728
  Why do people give up on singing so easily?
Why do people give up on singing so easily? W...
 awesomecoolgirl 3 4/1/2009 2235
  Free Original songs
Are you looking for free original new songs f...
 andymusic01 0 20/12/2008 3473

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