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  New Artist on the Horizon!
 Demoncio 0 25/4/2009 749
  The band that needs naming
I am in a 'band' which is just me and...
 rdec 0 24/4/2009 698
  hello all you beautiful peolple
hey there...... i am new here and i love musi...
 living2xl 0 21/4/2009 883
  Attention, please!
Dear friends, to you addresses the talented p...
 ilyarock 0 15/4/2009 606
  Mysketchbook on youtube
 rakugakicho 0 7/4/2009 712
  New EP - Chasing White Rabbits
New EP Now Available - Alternative/Hard Rock...
 AdamRave 0 28/3/2009 700
  The Spyro, great new alt.rock band
History The Spyro began on spring 2007 when ...
 Tonius 9 27/3/2009 1181
  Black Mantis wins Battle 2 Streetrock
 Joedoe 0 25/3/2009 595
 Joedoe 0 17/3/2009 1346
  Black 29 Rocks My Socks Off! Literally
Black 29 Check these guys out... a little scr...
 Blindacme 0 12/3/2009 988
  "GAME SHOW TEETH". Mitch Friedman Teams With XTC
Brooklyn’s Mitch Friedman has just released h...
 sthprk 0 5/3/2009 1211
  A "Marshmallow Dream" For Catman Cohen
Returning for his third time to create visual...
 sthprk 0 25/2/2009 1877
  check it yall
whats the deal i need to let you know about ...
 rebarock88 2 27/1/2009 946
  NonStop Riot Closes Series B Funding From North Venture Partners
Music Branding Agency Expands to Meet Demands...
 sthprk 0 23/1/2009 709
  Cathy-Anne McClintock`s "Swooningly Lovely"
"Swooningly lovely. A gentle acoustic confect...
 sthprk 0 16/1/2009 1482
  Kenny Garrett!!
Kenny Garrett is killin’! Kenn...
 purpledarts 1 12/1/2009 1720
  New songs for review
Bands name is Restruct Out of the Portland m...
 SomethingSix 0 22/12/2008 665
  Elgin High School
I'm 3rd chair trumpet in the EHS Symphoni...
 ctmajka 0 28/11/2008 1504
  The Embracers...Looking for Feedback!!!!
If you have a minute please check out some ne...
 TheEmbracers 1 24/11/2008 966
  My band`s demo song!
Hello everyone! I just want an opinion on my...
 jensemil 1 24/11/2008 854

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