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  Steven Stanley Bayes I Want to Play This Simple Rock and Roll   Guitar
  Steven Stanley Bayes Shoutin' Rock and Roll   Guitar
  Trad. Yiddisch Inser Rebenju   Accordion
  Daniel Gottlob Türk Kinder Romanze   Accordion
  Daniel Gottlob Türk Allegramente   Accordion
  Steven Stanley Bayes Simple Man   Guitar
  Steven Stanley Bayes Country Gal   Guitar
  Steven Stanley Bayes Brilliant   Guitar
  Saint Saens Le Cygne (The Swan) for cello solo Extra...   Cello
  Daniel Gottlob Türk Die kinderjahre   Accordion
  Steven Stanley Bayes Blue Eyed Girl   Guitar
  Steven Stanley Bayes Movie Instrumental Music   Guitar
  Daniel Gottlob Türk Jugendlich froh   Accordion
  Luc Markey Sterren der liefde   Keyboard
  Luc Markey Stadslied   Keyboard
  Steven Stanley Bayes Classics   Guitar
  Steven Stanley Bayes Chicago Blues   Guitar
  Steven Stanley Bayes Camp Fire   Guitar
  Steven Stanley Bayes Since I Have Seen You   Guitar
  Steven Stanley Bayes Laredo   Guitar

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