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Chopin Nocturne in C, op.48 no.1   Piano
  Bertrand Ollé La Légende de saint Nicolas   Choir
  Traditional Go Tell It On The Mountain   Guitar
Bach / Guno Ave Maria   Violin Duet
  Matteo Cuffaro Requiem in C minor   Treble Clef Instrument
  Ben Crockett Quint Tenor Rudimental Cadence #2   Drums
  oboedude888 Yin and Yang (Sax)   Saxophone
  Traditional Polly Wolly Doodle   Recorder
  fiddle tune Cajun Fiddle   Folk Band
  Moffitt/David Popper Study #1   Violin
  Don Inekigha THE LORD OF OUR HEARTS   Piano and Vocal
  Marcos Oliva Europa, The Theme for   Piano
  Unknown Nyan Cat Theme   Violin
  Koen Dejonghe "So what" for Clarinet and piano   Clarinet
  John Francis Wade O Come All Ye Faithful- Descants   Trumpet
  Jeremy Page StarLight in F# Minor 1st Movement   String Quartet
  Schneider Curl Up and Fly   Percussion Ensemble
  Carolyn Moskowitz Recorders Rising   Wind Quartet
  max bruch scottish phantasy   Violin
  David Bruce Carouselle   Piano

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