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This page lists all pieces that are appearing on the site for the first time - in chronological order. We often also add new versions of existing pieces, as well as parts, playalongs and more - click here to see the full list of latest additions

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Type ArtistTitle Date
Brahms Dein blaues Auge (8 Lieder und Gesange, Op.59, No.8) Apr 2021 Intermediate Level
Schumann Ich grolle nicht (Dichterliebe, Op. 48, No.7) Apr 2021 Intermediate Level
Schubert Die Krahe (Winterreise, D.911, No. 15) Apr 2021 Intermediate Level
Schubert Der Muller und der Bach (Die schone Mullerin, No.19), D.795 Apr 2021 Intermediate Level
Schubert Rast (No. 10 from Winterreise, D.911) Apr 2021 Intermediate Level
Perotin Viderunt Omnes Apr 2021 Intermediate Level
Morris A History of Powered Flight: Kitty Hawk Apr 2021 Intermediate Level
Rossini William Tell Overture, Ranz des vaches (Pastorale) Mar 2021 Intermediate Level
Handel Author of Peace from Saul (Act 2) Feb 2021 Intermediate Level
Oteo Rondalla (Noche de Estrellas) Feb 2021 Easy Level
Oteo Mi viejo amor Feb 2021 Easy Level
Oteo Dime Que Si Feb 2021 Easy Level
Giordano O Pastorelle, Addio from Andrea Chenier (SSA) Feb 2021 Easy Level
Schubert Winterreise, Op.89 No.5 Der Lindenbaum Feb 2021 Intermediate Level
Mendelssohn Zwei Geistliche Choere, Op.115 No.1, Beati mortui (TTBB) Feb 2021 Intermediate Level
Brahms Wie Melodien zieht es mir Feb 2021 Easy Level
Gesualdo Moro lasso Feb 2021 Intermediate Level
Byrd Non Nobis Domine (Canon) Feb 2021 Easy Level
Grieg Ave Maris Stella Jan 2021 Easy Level
Monteverdi Ecco mormorar l'onde Jan 2021 Easy Level

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