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Type ArtistTitle Date
Eddie Green A Good Man is Hard to Find Sep 2023 Easy Level
Richard A. Whiting Ain't We Got Fun Sep 2023 Easy Level
Gigout 6 Pieces d'orgue: 5. Grand coeur dialogue Sep 2023 Advanced Level
Irving Berlin What'll I Do? Sep 2023 Easy Level
Walter Donaldson Yes Sir, That's My Baby Sep 2023 Easy Level
Jones It Had To Be You Sep 2023 Easy Level
George Linus Cobb School Days (When We Were a Couple of Kids) Sep 2023 Easy Level
Elvis Presley Are You Lonesome Sep 2023 Easy Level
Jerome Kern Ol' Man River Sep 2023 Easy Level
Saint-Saens Tortues (Tortoises aka Can-Can) from Carnival of the Animals Sep 2023 Easy Level
Schubert Der Schmetterling (The Butterfly) Sep 2023 Intermediate Level
Rameau La Poule (The Hen) Sep 2023 Intermediate Level
Bizet Les Dragons d'Alcala from Carmen Sep 2023 Intermediate Level
Ambroise Thomas Romance de Mignon Sep 2023 Intermediate Level
Trad. El Manisero (The Peanut Vendor) Aug 2023 Intermediate Level
Vivaldi Spring from the Four Seasons, Second Movement (Largo) Aug 2023 Intermediate Level
Vivaldi Winter from the Four Seasons, First Movement Aug 2023 Easy Level
Vivaldi Autumn from the Four Seasons, First Movement Aug 2023 Easy Level
Trad. Oyfn Pripetchik Aug 2023 Easy Level
Trad. Who can sail without a wind? (Vem kan segla forutan vind?) Aug 2023 Easy Level

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