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This page lists all pieces that are appearing on the site for the first time - in chronological order. We often also add new versions of existing pieces, as well as parts, playalongs and more - click here to see the full list of latest additions
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Type ArtistTitle Date
Ray Henderson Sonny Boy (from 'The Singing Fool') Jan 2024 Easy Level
Trad. Usagi Usagi Nov 2023 Beginners Level
Youmans Tea for Two Oct 2022 Easy Level
Trad. Bayan Ko (Philippines Trad.) Nov 2020 Easy Level
Lincke Wedding Dance (Hochzeitsreigen), as used in the film Titanic May 2020 Intermediate Level
Rafael Alvarez Ovalle Himno Nacional de Guatemala (Guatemala National Anthem) Dec 2019 Easy Level
7 Pieces that Make Magical Use of the Lydian Mode Oct 2018 Easy Level
Mozart Sheet Music from the film Amadeus Sep 2018 Beginners Level
Trad. Pongauer Jodler Sep 2017 Intermediate Level
Disney A Tale as old as Time (Beauty and the Beast) Jul 2017 Intermediate Level
Disney A Whole New World (Aladdin) Jul 2017 Intermediate Level
Celine Dion My Heart Will Go On (Theme from Titanic) Jul 2017 Easy Level
David Bruce Autumn Dreams Apr 2017 Intermediate Level
David Bruce Game of Crowns Apr 2017 Easy Level
Trad. Women of Ireland (Mna na h-Eireann) (as featured in the film Robin Hood) Mar 2017 Easy Level
Trad. The Wraggle Taggle Gypsies, O! Dec 2016 Easy Level
David Bruce The Young Wizard Sep 2016 Intermediate Level
Austin Powers style Bossa Nova Groove Aug 2016 Easy Level
DeWalt I Dreamed I Was Playing The Piano Jul 2016 Intermediate Level
Trad. Captain Pugwash Theme (Trumpet Hornpipe) Jun 2016 Intermediate Level

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