Rock and Pop Improvisation Pieces (All Instruments)

These pieces of music include sections for improvising. A suggested scale is given and in some cases a notated example of the kind of improvisation that you could try.
1-19 of 19 Rock and Pop All instruments Improvisation Pieces

Type ArtistTitle Date
David Bruce Cool Blues 2013 Beginners Level
David Bruce Depends on the weather 2013 Easy Level
Hart Wand Dallas Blues 2013 Easy Level
David Bruce Move to the left, move to the right 2013 Intermediate Level
Ray Charles Ray Charles -Style 12 bar blues Improv 2013 Intermediate Level
Trad. Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho 2013 Intermediate Level
Trad. He's got the Whole World in his Hands (American Spiritual) 2013 Easy Level
Nina Simone Birds Flyin High (Nina Simone-style improv) 2014 Easy Level
Nina Simone He Cares For Me (Nina Simone-style improv) 2014 Easy Level
David Bruce Minor Mooch 2014 Intermediate Level
Albert Von Tilzer Give me the moonlight, give me the girl 2014 Intermediate Level
Joseph E Howard I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now 2014 Intermediate Level
Percy Wenrich Moonlight Bay 2014 Intermediate Level
Fred Fisher Peg O'My Heart 2014 Intermediate Level
Horatio Nicholls That Old Fashioned Mother of Mine 2014 Intermediate Level
Trad. Tom Dooley 2014 Easy Level
Jethro Tull Swinging Bouree (Homage to Jethro Tull) 2014 Intermediate Level
Nat D Ayer If You Were the Only Girl in the World 2015 Intermediate Level
David Bruce Tooloulou 2017 Easy Level

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