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Type ArtistTitle
Sanders Adios Muchachos (Tango) Intermediate Level
Trad. Takeda Lullaby (Japanese Trad.) Beginners Level
Sevilla La Golondrina Intermediate Level
Trad. Odessa Bulgarish Intermediate Level
Trad. Flaskadriga Advanced Level
Trad. Anile Anile Vaa Vaa Vaa (traditional Indian) Beginners Level
Trad. The South Wind Easy Level
Trad. Atirei o pau ao gato (I threw the stick to the cat) (Portugal Trad.) Beginners Level
McCormick Advance Australia Fair (Australian National Anthem) Intermediate Level
Tamezo Narita Hamabe no Uta (Song of the Seashore) Easy Level
Cardillo Core 'Ngrato (Catari, Catari) Intermediate Level
Trad. Dona Blanca (Lady White) (Mexican traditional) Beginners Level
Trad. Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika (South African National Anthem) Easy Level
Trad. النشيد الوطني السعودي (Saudi Arabia National Anthem) Easy Level
Trad. Over The River And Through The Woods (Thanksgiving song) Easy Level
Trad. The Big Ship Sails (Scottish Traditional) Beginners Level
Trad. Duermete mi nino (Venezuelan Trad.) Beginners Level
Trad. What Shall We Give? Easy Level
Trad. Auf der Mauer, auf der Lauer (On the Wall, On the Lookout) (German Trad.) Beginners Level
Trad. Ba, Ba, Vita Lamm (Swedish Trad.) Beginners Level

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