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Bassoon Duet Sheet Music

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Type ArtistTitle Date
Rossini 5 Duos No.1 Marcia 2012 Beginners Level
Rossini 5 Duos No.2 Menuett 2012 Intermediate Level
Rossini 5 Duos No.3 Adagio 2012 Intermediate Level
Rossini 5 Duos No.4 Menutto 2012 Easy Level
Rossini 5 Duos No.5 Allegro Molto 2012 Easy Level
Di Capua O Sole Mio 2013 Easy Level
Dvorak Symphony No. 9 From the New World 1st movement 2013 Intermediate Level
Gounod Funeral March of a Marionette (Theme from Alfred Hitchcock Presents) 2014 Easy Level
Sanderson Hail to the Chief 2014 Easy Level
Trad. Were you there when they crucified my Lord (Spiritual) 2014 Easy Level
Trad. Sivivon (Jewish Traditional) 2014 Easy Level
David Bruce Submarine Warfare 2014 Easy Level
Trad. Good King Wenceslas 2014 Beginners Level
Schubert Theme from Symphony No.5 2014 Easy Level
Faure Pavane 2017 Intermediate Level
Trad. We Wish you a Merry Christmas 2018 Easy Level

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