Ernest Chausson - Biography

Ernest Chausson Biography

Ernest Chausson (January 20, 1855 – June 10, 1899) was a French composer. Born in Paris, he studied law, before becoming a pupil of Jules Massenet at the Paris Conservatoire. He subsequently studied under César Franck. He died at the age of 44 as a result of a bicycle accident.

His work shows the influence of Massenet, Franck, Richard Wagner and Johannes Brahms. His compositional style bridges the gap between Massenet and Franck and the later generation of French composers such as Claude Debussy.

He is primarily noted for his many songs; his orchestral output was comparatively small. Surviving works include a Symphony in B flat major, Poème for violin and orchestra (an important piece in the violin repertoire) and Poème de l'amour et de la mer for voice and orchestra.

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