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US Album cover of Brother Sister
US Album cover of Brother Sister

The Brand New Heavies are an acid jazz and alternative hip hop group formed in 1985 in Ealing, a suburb of London, England. Originally an instrumental rare groove group, the Brand New Heavies gained a cult following in the London club scene and soon signed to Cooltempo as acid house replaced rare groove in clubs.

The core members of the group are Jan Kincaid, Simon Bartholomew and Andrew 'Love' Levy.


A single, 'Got to Give', came out on Cooltempo before the Brand New Heavies signed to Acid Jazz Records and released Brand New Heavies to critical acclaim. American distribution was picked up by influential label Delicious Vinyl, and N'Dea Davenport joined the group. Singles like 'Dream Come True' and 'Never Stop' became hits on both sides of the Atlantic, and the group's appearance with MC Serch (formerly of 3rd Bass) and Q-Tip (of A Tribe Called Quest) at a performance in New York City inspired the group to incorporate elements of hip hop music. Their next album was the critically acclaimed Heavy Rhyme Experience, Vol. 1, which included collaborations with Gang Starr and The Pharcyde, among others.

Brother Sister (1994, 1994 in music) was the last album with Davenport, and she was replaced by Siedah Garrett for Shelter (1997, 1997 in music).

The Brand New Heavies subsequently released a number of singles featuring singer Carleen Anderson followed by the album Allaboutthefunk (2004, 2004 in music) featuring Nicole Russo on vocals.

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Brand New Heavies Back With Davenport April 07, 2006, 3:45 PM ET Gail Mitchell, L.A. Soul/funk connoisseurs the Brand New Heavies are reuniting with lead singer N'Dea Davenport and former label Delicious Vinyl, Billboard has learned. A new album, 'Get Used to It,' will be released June 27 through Starbucks and traditional music retail outlets.

The album was recorded in New York and London; a lead single will drop the first week of May. Following the album's release, look for the Brand New Heavies to roll out a 25-city nationwide tour in July and August.

It has been 15 years since the band first invaded the United States with its energetic brand of live R&B/soul and funk. The self-titled debut album -- powered by guitarist Simon Bartholomew, drummer/keyboardist Jan Kinkaid, bassist Andrew Love Levy and Davenport -- sparked a No. 3 R&B hit in 1991 with 'Never Stop.' Subsequent U.S.-issued singles 'Stay This Way' (1991), 'Dream on Dreamer' (1994) and 'Sometimes' (1997) notched top 20 status.

So nearly 10 years later, can the group re-engage stateside attention? Delicious Vinyl co-founder Michael Ross believes that is a moot point. 'They have a definitive sound, a creative dynamic that's timeless and universal,' he says. 'As far as their music hitting and connecting? No question.'


The group came up with the name after signing their first record contract, borrowing from a liner note on a James Brown single declaring the artist 'Minister of New Super Heavy Funk'1.


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