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Jeremy Clarke 
18th century composer and organist, best known for his Trumpet Voluntary
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Jeremy Clarke Biography

Born : 1673
Died : 1707
Jeremiah Clarke was a composer and organist in the early years of the 18th century. His best-known piece, 'The Prince of Denmark's March,' was for many years misattributed to Henry Purcell and called 'Trumpet Voluntary.' Clarke was a boy choir singer in the Chapel Royal at the time of the coronation of James II. When his voice changed in 1692, he became the organist of Winchester College. In June, 1699 he was appointed a vicar-choral of St. Paul's Cathedral, London. In 1704 he was appointed organist of the Chapel Royal, sharing the position with William Croft. He wrote theater pieces, anthems and sacred music, and some harpsichord pieces. Subject to periods of deep depression, Clark apparently shot himself, but was buried in the crypt of St. Paul's Cathedral.

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