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Hearsay Biography

Hear'Say were a British pop group, created by the ITV reality tv show Popstars in February 2001. Their first single was called Pure and Simple and went straight to number 1 of the British singles chart, selling over 1 million copies. Their first album, also called Popstars, was equally successful, and featured cover versions of Monday Monday by The Mamas And The Papas and Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel. After another number 1 single, The Way To Your Love, the public and press turned against them as a symbol of manufactured pop music.

In February 2002 Kym Marsh announced that she was leaving the band, and was replaced by one of their former dancers, Johnny Shentall, after a series of open auditions that were later claimed to have been rigged. Their future work was not quite as successful and they split up relatively quickly, citing the negative reaction from the public as the main reason.




  • Pure & Simple - #1 in March 2001
  • The Way To Your Love - #1 in July 2001
  • Everybody - #4 in December 2001
  • Lovin' Is Easy - #6 in August 2002


  • Popstars - March 2001
  • Everybody - December 2001

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