Horetzky, Felix biography

Horetzky, Felix

Horetzky, Felix Biography

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Some information about Felix Horetzky:Feliks Horecki/vel Felix Horetzky vel Janowski vel Yanowski/was born in Horyszˇw Ruski in Poland on the 1st January 1796,and died in Edinburgh on 6th of October 1870.We don't know who gave him his early guitar lessons,but a short time before 1831 he went to Vienna to continue his guitar studies under Mauro Giuliani,the famous guitarist.At the same time,in order to earn his living and pay for his studies,he began to play in public,with great success.He was a guitar teacher the Austrian archduchesses of the Imperial Family.After a year in Vienna he began touring Europe,appearing with considerable success in a lot of German towns,then in Paris and London,where he achived great popularity!He also made apperance in other British towns,lived in Scotland for a few years.His pupil was Stanislaw Szczepanowski,later very famous guitarist.Felix Horecki was the composer:he wrote over 100/150/pieces;the directness and classical elegance of their style appealed to guitar lovers.T.S.,5th March2004,www.tomaszsliwak.republika.pl

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