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Type ArtistTitle Date
Leadbelly Goodnight, Irene 2014 Intermediate Level
Jethro Tull Swinging Bouree (Homage to Jethro Tull) 2014 Intermediate Level
Trad. Sloop John B (The John B. Sails) 2014 Easy Level
George Cohan Give my Regards to Broadway 2014 Intermediate Level
Trad. Aura Lea (aka Love Me Tender) 2014 Easy Level
David Bruce Jingle Bells Boogie 2014 Easy Level
Harry Dacre Daisy Bell (Daisy, Daisy) 2015 Easy Level
Nat D Ayer If You Were the Only Girl in the World 2015 Intermediate Level
Glover-Kind I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside 2015 Intermediate Level
Gus Edwards By the Light of the Silvery Moon 2015 Intermediate Level
James Thornton Streets of Cairo (or The Poor Little Country Maid) 2015 Easy Level
Ed Haley The Fountain in the Park 2015 Intermediate Level
Harry Carroll By The Beautiful Sea 2015 Intermediate Level
Lachau Li'l Liza Jane 2015 Easy Level
Meacham American Patrol 2015 Intermediate Level
Trad. Tiger Rag (Hold that Tiger) 2015 Intermediate Level
Trad. The Midnight Special 2015 Easy Level
Lew Pollack That's-A-Plenty 2015 Intermediate Level
Henry Bishop Home Sweet Home 2015 Easy Level
Stephen Foster Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair 2015 Intermediate Level

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