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Type ArtistTitle Date
Trad. Valse Iles de la Madeline (French Canadian waltz) 2015 Intermediate Level
Trad. Stenka Razin (Volga Volga) 2015 Easy Level
Trad. Masters in This Hall 2015 Easy Level
Trad. O Sanctissima (Sicilian Song) 2015 Intermediate Level
Pedro Elias Gutierrez Alma Llanera 2015 Intermediate Level
Trad. Abe Schwartz's Favorite Sher
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2016 Advanced Level
Trad. All My Love 2016 Intermediate Level
Trad. Flaskadriga 2016 Advanced Level
Joseph Rumshinsky Libes Shmertsn (The Pain of Love) 2016 Intermediate Level
Trad. Sadegurer Khosid 2016 Intermediate Level
Trad. Chamarita (Portuguese Traditional) 2016 Easy Level
Trad. O Rosa Arredonda a saia 2016 Easy Level
Trad. Afton Water (Scots Musical Museum p.400 No.386) 2016 Easy Level
Trad. I Am Sleeping (Taimse Im' Chodhladh) 2016 Easy Level
Trad. Over The River And Through The Woods (Thanksgiving song) 2016 Easy Level
Trad. Sasino Kolo 2016 Intermediate Level
Trad. Swallow's Waltz (Paaskysen Vals...
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2016 Intermediate Level
Trad. Ai Kuinka Kauniilta Kuuluupi (with variation) 2016 Intermediate Level
Trad. Galatan (Rattvikspolska) efter Pekkos Helmer 2016 Intermediate Level
Trad. Kipera 2016 Intermediate Level

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