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Type ArtistTitle Level
Trad. Banaha Soldiers Song (Congo folk song) (3 Voices) Beginners Level
Trad. Diarra Loro Lora (2 Voices) Beginners Level
Trad. Dayenu (Passover Song) (SA) Beginners Level
Trad. Ene 'andi koura (SATB) Beginners Level
Trad. Belle Mama (round) - warm up (4 Voices) Beginners Level
Trad. Shalom Chaverin (Round in three parts) (3 Voices) Easy Level
Trad. Dodi Li (2 Voices) Easy Level
Trad. Oh Mama, I love the Gypsy named Jana (2 Voices) Easy Level
Trad. Masters in This Hall (SA) Easy Level
Trad. Ning Wendete (Kenyan Trad.) (SATB) Easy Level
Balakirev The Song of the Volga Boatmen (SA) Easy Level
Di Capua O sole mio (SA) Easy Level
Mozart Land der Berge, Land am Strome (Austrian National Anthem) (SATB) Easy Level
Cottrau Tiritomba (SA) Easy Level
Trad. L'abe igi orombo (2 Voices) Easy Level
Trad. Funga Alafia (SATB) Easy Level
Trad. Silang Mablele (South African trad.) (SATB) Easy Level
Trad. Meguru (Trad. Namibia) (SATB) Easy Level
Trad. Amawole (Congolese trad.) (Solo & Choir) Easy Level
Trad. Hitragut (Jewish Trad) (SATB) Easy Level

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