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Type ArtistTitle Date
Bizet Soldier's Chorus from Carmen 2006 Easy Level
Trad. Greensleeves 2006 Easy Level
Trad. Star-Spangled Banner 2007 Easy Level
Trad. What shall we do with a drunken sailor? 2007 Easy Level
Bizet Torreador Song from Carmen 2008 Easy Level
Howe Battle Hymn of the Republic 2008 Easy Level
Beethoven Sonatina First Movement 2008 Easy Level
Beethoven Romance from Sonatina in G 2008 Easy Level
Beethoven Ecossaise 2008 Easy Level
Faure In Paradisum from Reqiuem 2008 Easy Level
Schubert Am meer 2008 Easy Level
Brahms Waltz 2008 Easy Level
Mozart Waltz no.1 from Three Waltzes 2008 Easy Level
Purcell When I Am Laid in Earth 2008 Easy Level
Couperin Le Petit Rien 2008 Easy Level
Schumann The Merry Peasant 2009 Easy Level
Purcell Minuet 2009 Easy Level
Trad. Danny Boy 2009 Easy Level
Trad. Banana Man 2009 Easy Level
Tchaikovsky The New Doll Op. 39, No. 6 2009 Easy Level

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