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Type ArtistTitle
Trad. Comin' Thro the Rye Easy Level
Brahms Rhapsody Op.79 no.1
Intermediate Level
Trad. Kee Chee (Zaire Trad.) Easy Level
Trad. Ning Wendete (Kenyan Trad.) Easy Level
Trad. Non Komo Muestro Dyo (Ein Keloheinu) (Jewish Sephardic) Easy Level
Chopin Nocturne Op.32 No.1
Intermediate Level
Hemi Piripata E Rere Taku Poi (New Zealand Trad.) Easy Level
Trad. Az Yashir Moshe Easy Level
Trad. Dicey Reilly Easy Level
Trad. Mrs. McGrath Intermediate Level
Trad. Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies Intermediate Level
Trad. Dainty Davie Intermediate Level
Morris Away in a Country Manger
Easy Level
Trad. Home Boys Home Easy Level
Handel Hail the Conquering Hero
Easy Level
Trad. Suseri (Bavarian Zwiefacher) Easy Level
Trad. New Rigged Ship Easy Level
Trad. The Bantry Girl's Lament Easy Level
Trad. Hot Ashphalt Easy Level
Trad. Singabahambayo Thina (South African trad.) Easy Level

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