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Type ArtistTitle
Robredo Contradanzas no.8 Ayes del alma Intermediate Level
Rumshinsky Libes Shmertsn (The Pain of Love) Intermediate Level
Sague Jr Taino Ti Oakia Ata Easy Level
Sanders Adios Muchachos (Tango) Intermediate Level
Santa Cruz Fado de Santa Cruz Easy Level
Shatrov On The Hills of Manchuria Intermediate Level
Pattapio Silva Amor Perdido
Intermediate Level
Pattapio Silva Primeiro Amor (Valse) Intermediate Level
Pattapio Silva Zinha Intermediate Level
Tosti 'A Vucchella Easy Level
Trad. A La Claire Fontaine Easy Level
Trad. A La Nanita Nana (Spanish Traditional) Easy Level
Trad. A Ya Zain (I Saw You) Easy Level
Trad. Abe Schwartz's Favorite Sher
Advanced Level
Trad. Abi Gezint (klezmer tune) Intermediate Level
Trad. Abiyoyo (South African Lullaby) Intermediate Level
Trad. Achtsik Er-Zibetzik Zi (Jewish Trad.) Easy Level
Trad. Adam Khana Charsi (Pakistan Trad.) Intermediate Level
Trad. Afton Water (Scots Musical Museum p.400 No.386) Easy Level
Trad. Ah! Mon beau chateau (France) Beginners Level

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