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Type ArtistTitle Date
David Bruce Township Toon 2013 Easy Level
David Bruce Desert Cowboy 2013 Beginners Level
Trad. Mexican Hat Dance 2013 Easy Level
Trad. La Cucaracha (Mexico) 2013 Beginners Level
Ernesto Nazareth Tango Habanera 2013 Advanced Level
David Bruce Black Pepper Samba 2013 Easy Level
Trad. Yellow Bird (Haitian Traditional) 2013 Easy Level
David Bruce Beguine Again 2013 Intermediate Level
Ernesto Nazareth Odeon (Tango Brasileiro) 2013 Intermediate Level
Trad. Sakura (Japanese Trad. arr. Rudolf Dittrich) 2014 Easy Level
Trad. Hevenu Shalom Aleichem (Israeli Traditional) 2014 Easy Level
David Bruce Spanish Violin 2014 Beginners Level
A. G. Villoldo El Choclo (Tango) 2014 Advanced Level
Ernesto Nazareth Brejeiro (Tango Brasileiro) 2014 Intermediate Level
Carlos Gardel Por Una Cabeza 2014 Intermediate Level
Sebastian Iradier La Paloma Tango 2014 Intermediate Level
Trad. A La Nanita Nana (Spanish Traditional) 2014 Easy Level
Trad. Tarantella Napoletana 2014 Easy Level
Carlos Gardel Volver (Tango) 2014 Intermediate Level
Trad. Oh Chanukah (Jewish Traditional) 2014 Intermediate Level

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