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Trad. La Llorona (Mexican Traditional Song) Easy Level
Trad. La Partida (Venezuela Waltz) Intermediate Level
Trad. La Sandunga (Mexican Traditional Song) Easy Level
Trad. Lathe di Chadar (Pakistan Trad.) Intermediate Level
Trad. Lijepa Nasa Domovino (Croatian National Anthem) Easy Level
Trad. Lille Ole Med Paraplyen (Danish Traditional) Beginners Level
Trad. Los Bilbilicos (Judeo-Spanish Trad.) Easy Level
Trad. Ludo Mlado (Bulgarian Folk Song) Intermediate Level
Trad. Luna mezz'o mare Intermediate Level
Trad. Magalina Zoula (Peruvian Trad.) Easy Level
Trad. Majko Majko Intermediate Level
Trad. Makedonske Devojce Advanced Level
Trad. Mambru se fue a la guerra (Mambru Went Away to War) (Mexican Traditional) Beginners Level
Trad. Marchoise Limousine-Poitou Easy Level
Trad. Maria Pentayiotissa Intermediate Level
Trad. Masters in This Hall Easy Level
Trad. Mayo Nafwa (Zambian Trad.) Intermediate Level
Trad. Mazel Tov Easy Level
Trad. Meguru (Trad. Namibia) Easy Level
Trad. Mexican Hat Dance Easy Level

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