Eastern European Music for Flute Compilation

A collection of Eastern European pieces from Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, in special arrangments for flute and piano. Intermediate level.

1.   Papirosen


2.   Makedonske Devojce

Makedonske Devojce

3.   Ajde Jano

Ajde Jano

4.   Hasapiko Grigoro

Hasapiko Grigoro

5.   Jovano Jovanke (Macedonia Folk Song)

Jovano Jovanke (Macedonia Folk Song)

6.   Sasino Kolo

Sasino Kolo

7.   Hora Fetelor

Hora Fetelor

8.   Cetvorno Horo

Cetvorno Horo

9.   Majko Majko

Majko Majko

10.   Maria Pentayiotissa

Maria Pentayiotissa

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