Easy Ragtime Guitar Sheet Music

A collection of easy ragtime pieces for Easy Guitar. Arrangements for solo guitar in fingerpicking style, with tab and standard notation. As well as pieces for guitar with piano accompaniment

1.   Scott Joplin  -  The Entertainer

Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer" is one of the the most enduringly popular works in music. It is a rag time two step, a fashionable form around the beginning of the twentieth century. Joplin was the first classically trained black composer to become a household name in America. Ragtime was eventually succeeded by jazz.

Joplin, Scott

The Entertainer

2.   Scott Joplin  -  Maple Leaf Rag

Alongside "The Entertainer," this is one of the most famous pieces from the "King of Ragtime". The "Maple Leaf Rag" is associated with Sedalia, Missouri and may have been named after the "Maple Leaf Club" in that city.

Joplin, Scott

Maple Leaf Rag

3.   David Bruce  -  Beginners Rag

A fun ragtime piece in ABA form by composer and Youtuber, David Bruce. Perfect for intermediate players who are new to the ragtime style.

Bruce, David

Beginners Rag

4.   David Bruce  -  Old Country Blues

A charming and relaxed number in old-fashioned finger-picking guitar style.

Bruce, David

Old Country Blues

5.   Wooster And Smith.. -  The Black Cat Rag

The Black Cat Rag, written by St Louis composer Frank Wooster and Ethyl B. Smith, was dedicated to Miss Bessie Wood Stewart. It was originally published by Frank Wooster Co., St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Wooster later sold this rag to John Stark, Scott Joplin's publisher also of St Louis. It was widely known and still performed and recorded today.

Wooster and Smith

The Black Cat Rag

6.   Silver Sand Rag

The composer of this widely known and much-performed rag is, sadly, unknown. It contains many of the classic features of the style, including tricky syncopations and a leaping accompaniment.


Silver Sand Rag

7.   Scott Joplin  -  Peacherine

Composed in 1901, Peacherine has many of the characteristics of Scott Joplin's more famous rag "The Entertainer". It was the most performed piece at the St. Louis World Fair in 1904 and was also used by Ennio Morricone in the soundtrack to the movie ''The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean."

Joplin, Scott


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