Klezmer Tunes for Flute Compilation

A collection of traditional Klezmer Tunes in original arrangements for Flute with piano accompaniment. Easy to Advanced Level.

1.   Flaskadriga


2.   All My Love

All My Love

3.   Abi Gezint (klezmer)

Abi Gezint (klezmer)

4.   Odessa Bulgarish

Odessa Bulgarish

5.   Unser Toirele

Unser Toirele

6.   Freilechs von der Chuppe (klezmer)

Freilechs von der Chuppe (klezmer)

7.   Freylekh Zain (Klezmer)

Freylekh Zain (Klezmer)

8.   Shiroh Hora (Klezmer tune)

Shiroh Hora (Klezmer tune)

9.   Joseph Rumshinsky.. -  Libes Shmertsn (The Pain of Love)

Libes Shmertsn (The Pain of Love)

10.   Sadegurer Khosid

Sadegurer Khosid

11.   Ozhidanie (Expectation Waltz)

Ozhidanie (Expectation Waltz)

12.   Abe Schwartz's Favorite Sher

Abe Schwartz's Favorite Sher

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