Reels for Mandolin Compilation

Reels for Mandolin Compilation

A collection of Reels, speciailly arranged for solo Mandolin. Easy to Advanced Level

1.   St Anne's Reel


Though some have claimed it for Shetland or the U.S., "St. Anne's Reel" probably originates from French-speaking Canada—it may be named after one of the St. Anne's Bays on the eastern side of the country. It was popularised by Canadian folk musician, band leader and radio broadcaster Don Messer, its popularity causing it also to enter into the repertoire of traditional Irish musicians.

St Anne's Reel

2.   Woodchoppers Reel (French Canadian)


The "Woodchopper's Reel" was written by New Brunswick fiddler Ned Landry around the middle of the twentieth century. It was also popularised by Don Messer, who recorded it in 1952 under the title "Pea Soup." It has also become popular in the American Mid-West, having, for example, been played by Nebraska fiddlers Bob Walters and Cyril Stinnett.

Woodchoppers Reel (French Canadian)

3.   Joseph M. Daly  -  Chicken Reel

Daly, Joseph M.

"Chicken Reel" was composed and published in 1910 by Joseph M. Daly (1883–1968). It is probably one of the best-known poultry-related folk tunes. It is frequently found in early animated cartoons as a catchy tune used to represent farmyard activity, or a gathering of fowl. Originally composed as a novelty song, it has since passed into modern folk tradition, normally played without words. It was popularly recorded by Les Paul, his performances whimsically mimicking chicken sounds on his guitar.

Chicken Reel

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