Polkas for Alto Saxophone compilation

A collection of lively and fun Polkas in original arrangements for Alto Saxophone in Eb with piano accompaniment. Easy to Intermediate Level.

1.   Beer Barrel Polka (Roll out the barrel)

Beer Barrel Polka (Roll out the barrel)

2.   Strauss II  -  Thunder and Lightening Polka

Thunder and Lightening Polka

3.   Rheinlander Polka

Rheinlander Polka

4.   Strauss II  -  Tritsch-Tratsch Polka

Tritsch-Tratsch Polka

5.   Quirino Mendoza y.. -  Jesusita en Chihuahua (Mexican Polka)

Jesusita en Chihuahua (Mexican Polka)

6.   Tarrega  -  Rosita Polka

Rosita Polka

7.   Ernesto Nazareth  -  Bombom (Polka 1899)

Bombom (Polka 1899)

8.   Pincushion Polka (Bunch of Violets)

Pincushion Polka (Bunch of Violets)

9.   Boda Gammalgarden - polka

Boda Gammalgarden - polka

10.   Galopede (Polka)

Galopede (Polka)

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