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Type ArtistTitle Level
Gabel Pepper and Anise Intermediate Level
David Bruce Piano of desire (homage to Michael Nyman) Easy Level
Edward Track Pinquin Dance (Quatre Mains No.4) Intermediate Level
Teemu Soini Pirate Polka Intermediate Level
David Bruce Pirates of the Aegean Easy Level
David Bruce Put your skates on ! Easy Level
Edward Track Quatre Mains 41a Intermediate Level
Edward Track Ragtime brother Johnny Intermediate Level
David Bruce Rainy Day Easy Level
David Bruce Reggae Masta Easy Level
Morris Riviera Recuerdos Advanced Level
Edward Track Romance 1 Intermediate Level
DeWalt Romance in a Fish Bowl Advanced Level
David Bruce Rowing Home Easy Level
Edward Track Sadness Intermediate Level
David Bruce Scaring Cats Beginners Level
Morris Silent Night Fantasy Advanced Level
Morris Skip to my Lou (Fantasy on) Intermediate Level
DeWalt Snark Dance Advanced Level
David Bruce Spanish Violin Easy Level

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