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Coltrane's Giant Steps...on Bassoon

VG Bassoonist performs Giant Steps ....on bassoon
VG Bassoonist performs Giant Steps ....on bassoon

"Giant Steps" is a famously challenging jazz track composed by saxophonist John Coltrane. Released on his 1960 album of the same name, the track became famous for its rapid-fire chord changes, where chords that are usually only distantly related rain down in quick succession.

Improvising over the Giant Steps chord progression has became something of a rite of passage for jazz musicians the world over. A challenge to see if you can master one of the trickiest series of chords ever created for the jazz improviser.

But another approach is to see if you can play Coltrane's own solo note-for-note on your own instrument.

Our favourite is this blistering rendition by youtube bassoonist 'VG Bassoonist'

Who knew the bassoon was capable of such scolding hot jazz mayhem?
If you'd like to compare, here's the Coltrane original on the tenor sax:

If this has whetted your appetite for a little more jazz bassoon check out the collection of free jazz bassoon pieces we have here at 8notes. Or browse a couple of the highlights using the links below:

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