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Type ArtistTitle Level
Jimi Hendrix 'Manic Depression' 3-4 Rock Feel, in the style of Jimi Hendrix - Mitch Mitchell Intermediate Level
Afro Cuban Feel Drum Beat Intermediate Level
Austin Powers style Bossa Nova Groove Easy Level
Trad. BeckBeat Afro Cuban Funk-style Beat Intermediate Level
Bill Withers Bill Withers - James Gadson style Beat Easy Level
Tribe Called Quest Bonita Applebum Easy Level
Brand New Heavies Brother Sister Intermediate Level
Trad. Classic Disco - Style Easy Level
Classic Heavy Metal Beat Easy Level
James Brown Cold Sweat Advanced Level
Madonna Dont Tell Me Easy Level
The Foo Fighters Foo Fighters-style Drum Beat Intermediate Level
Fat Boy Slim Funk Soul Brother Intermediate Level
Funky Latin Varition Intermediate Level
Coldplay God Put a smile upon your face Easy Level
Half Time Shuffle Feel Drum Beat Intermediate Level
Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song Intermediate Level
Coldplay In My Place Intermediate Level
Incubus Incubus Style Drum Beat Intermediate Level
James Brown James Brown-style Drum Beat Advanced Level

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