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Type ArtistTitle Level
Steely Dan Steely Dan-Josie-style Beat Beginners Level
Trad. Classic Disco - Style Easy Level
Michael Jackson The Way You Make me Feel-style Beat Easy Level
Austin Powers style Bossa Nova Groove Easy Level
Tribe Called Quest Bonita Applebum Easy Level
Lily Allen Reggae beat: Smile Easy Level
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin-style Drum Beat Easy Level
Classic Heavy Metal Beat Easy Level
Bill Withers Bill Withers - James Gadson style Beat Easy Level
Beatles Ringo Starr - Come Together-Style Easy Level
Wayne Wonders No Letting Go (Diwali Rhythm) Easy Level
Coldplay God Put a smile upon your face Easy Level
muse Sing for Absolution Easy Level
Madonna Dont Tell Me Easy Level
Rumba Cha-Cha Groove Easy Level
Trad. Montuno-style Drum Beat Easy Level
Trad. BeckBeat Afro Cuban Funk-style Beat Intermediate Level
Funky Latin Varition Intermediate Level
Brand New Heavies Brother Sister Intermediate Level
Coldplay In My Place Intermediate Level

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